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Gibson Progress On 2017 LMP2 Engine, ACO/ IMSA DPI Engine Discussions Continue

DSC caught up with Gibson Engineering on progress on development of the new ‘Spec’ V8 for LMP2 in FIA WEC and ELMS.

Progress on the dyno is going well, the engine has already passed several significant endurance milestones ahead of a planned mid August delivery date of an engine apiece for the four approved chassis suppliers. The engine will not be track tested before that point.

Gibson are committed to an initial production run of 20 engines but are geared up to a potential second batch should demand be there for the 2017 season.


For clarity on engine eligibility for 2017:

FIA WEC: Spec Gibson engine or (for 2017 only) grandfathered current LMP2 engines (in grandfathered chassis)*

ELMS: Spec Gibson engine or (for two seasons 2017/18) grandfathered current LMP2 engines (in grandfathered chassis)* The version of the rulebook that mentioned IMSA-spec engines in ELMS was an error.

Le Mans 24 Hours: Spec Gibson engine or grandfathered current LMP2 engines (in grandfathered chassis)* ACO/ IMSA discussion on eligibility and balancing of engines is still “under discussion”.


IMSA: IMSA Approved engines plus spec Gibson engine **

Asian LMS: Grandfathered current LMP2 engines in grandfathered LMP2 chassis for at least two seasons.

* – BoP will not equalise the (c.100bhp more powerful) new Gibson with the older engines (applies in ELMS and Le Mans too)

** – IMSA-specific BoP

Most interesting here is the current position as regards the proposed engines for IMSA’s 2017 DPI formula, with high-profile manufacturer interest in play from multiple OEMs that stretches the envelope of the proposed ‘Global’ LMP2 formula on either just one side, or potentially way beyond, breaking point.

Those ongoing discussions with IMSA about eligibility of the new engines for Le mans could have very far reaching results!