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The Corvette C7 GT3 Can Now Be Sold & Raced In The USA

GM gives the go-ahead to Callaway

Following yesterday’s announcement that Cadillac’s Pirelli World Challenge GT3 programme has been terminated, GM has confirmed to DSC that Callaway Competition can begin selling its Corvette C7 GT3 to American customers for use in the IMSA GTD and the Pirelli World Challenge series.

In a statement sent to DSC, Mark Kent, Chevrolet director of motorsports competition said simply:

“The conclusion of the Cadillac Racing programme in Pirelli World Challenge GT will provide new opportunities for Callaway Competition to compete in both the PWC GT and the IMSA GTD series with their Corvette C7 GT3.”

Prior to Cadillac’s PWC exit, Callaway Competition was unable to sell and race its ADAC GT Masters-winning C7 GT3 to American customers, due to agreement with GM signed by the German company when the car was originally FIA homologated.

In conversation with DSC last year, Callaway Competition’s owner Ernst Wohr explained to DSC that Callaway had originally intended to race the C7 GT3 in the USA but that Cadillac’s commitments in PWC as a factory stood in the way:

“When I got the signature from GM to say that I could homologate it with the FIA, we had to sign that we wouldn’t run it in North America. They don’t want competition with Cadillac and their future programmes.

“The plan was to build it (the C7 GT3) in the USA and run in Pirelli World Challenge.

“If we ever go to America, it’s because they’ve retired the Cadillac, we would build a lot more cars, and build them here and in the USA.”

DSC has reached out to Callaway Competition for further comment.