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GTE Balance Of Performance Adjusted

Manufacturer reactions in 5,4,3......

The latest Balance of Performance adjustments have been made for the GTE Pro and GTE Am fields ahead of track action at the Le Mans 24 Hours.

It’s a mixed bag of changes, in part designed to ensure that the cars complete no more than a mandated 14 laps maximum from the second stint in the race.

In GTE Pro the only car that remains untouched by the process is the Porsche 911 RSR.

The new Aston Martin Vantage GTEs get a 4-litre increase in fuel capacity and an increase in turbo boost across the rev range, this is likely the only measure in the bulletin that could be regarded as having any significant effect on performance.

The Ford GT sees a reduction in both running weight and in maximum fuel capacity, plus marginal reductions in turbo boost pressure across the rev range.

The BMW M8 GTEs see an increase in weight, a reduction in fuel capacity but increases in turbo boost across the rev range.

The Corvettes see a 10 kilo weight increase over their baseline level with the Ferraris getting a marginal turbo boost pressure break.

In GTE Am the only adjustment is a small reduction of maximum fuel capacity for the older generation Aston Martin.

The BoP can be readjusted at any point before the start of the race.

Le Mans 24 Hours GTE BoP 12 June

DSC says – The time has long passed since this process should have been made more transparent to the public, not just in releasing the decisions and associated values, but to attempt to explain the reasoning behind the decisions, and the effect on performance/ lap time etc that changes are designed to achieve. As things stand, and in particular at this great race, the process is not nearly widely enough understood resulting in confusion and unnecessary controversy.