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TDS Racing & G-Drive Racing Launch Le Mans Disqualification Appeal

Fuel Rig Stewards decision to be challenged

TDS Racing and G-Drive Racing have launched an appeal against the decision of disqualification pronounced by the Stewards of the Race after the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Both the #26 G-Drive Racing and #28 TDS Racing Oreca 07 Gibsons were excluded from the race having crossed the line as winners and fourth placed finishers in the LMP2 class respectively.

That decision came after post-race examination of the team’s fuel rigs found an additional part had been inserted in the mechanism, the Stewards determining that this had been done to increase the rate of fuel flow from the rig to the car.

That saw the cars complete the majority of their pit stops some 6-8 seconds faster than their opposition, and in a race that saw the cars pit 37 times the potential advantage gained added up to more than a lap.

The TDS Racing team (which operates both cars) though maintained immediately after the decision that they believed they had not breached the regulations and now have opted to take their case to FIA International Court of Appeal.