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Brabham: “I Won’t Be Doing A Don Panoz”

In what was a whirlwind week for Brabham Automotive, chief test driver and founder David Brabham was present at the Racing Car Show. And, despite our best efforts, it was certainly difficult to get much new information out of him in the short time he could spare on Thursday.

Given the BT62 is very much built to a formula of ideals for a GT/Endurance race car, and that its architecture is going to be used for the GTE car and its road-going equivalent, it was posed to David that his eponymous firm could follow McLaren’s universal engine and carbon tub concept.

He did not definitively answer this question, but he did say that it was unlikely that we’d see anything as left-field as the seemingly intentionally contrary Panoz GTR1, and spoke of the firm’s late founder fondly.

Brabham said: “There’s only one Don Panoz. I’m not even going to try and follow his route! I had a wonderful six years at Panoz, and he did think outside the box. But not only that, he acted outside the box. If people said ‘don’t do it’, he did it. He wanted to prove people wrong, and that’s what he did – he had the money to do it, as well!”

Don’s Day of Days in 2002 – His ‘Spirit of America’ LMP Roadster takes the Win on the Streets of Washington DC with David Brabham and Jan Magnussen

Such was the busy nature of Brabham’s career in that time, and the years that followed with Aston Martin and Peugeot, his visit to Adelaide for a meeting with Brabham Automotive investors Fusion Capital was the first since the ‘Race of A Thousand Years’ in 2000!