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Friday Paddock Notes: Lamborghini Representatives On Site, Privateer Hypercar Interest Growing

Plus Monza programme to download and Ferrari stage photocall on historic banking

Whilst the presence in the Monza paddock of the Peugeot Sport team is well publicised, they are not the only future Hypercar class factory team representatives on-site.

Amongst the others are a number of representatives of Lamborghini, including the head of Motorsport, Giorgio Sanna.

Lamborghini look set to become the third VAG brand, after Porsche and Audi, to commit to an LMDh project, most likely from 2024. A fourth VAG brand is still possible with Bentley still understood to be interested despite the potential programme for 2023 stalling some weeks ago.

Things are also becoming clearer with several other brands as to who will, and will not, make a commitment in the coming weeks and months and significant moves are underway too with regard to potential semi-factory and privateer hypercar class projects.

DSC expects at least one, and very possibly two brands to be represented in the FIA WEC Privateer ranks that are not currently committed to a works programme in the World Championship.

A very visible visitor arrives tomorrow at Monza with the Goodyear Blimp making a visit, and carrying live TV cameras to assist with race coverage. The iconic airship will also be making evening and night time passes over central Milan.

Ferrari staged a photocall on Thursday with their factory and customer GTE teams on the historic Monza banking (top). Ten 488 GTE Evos featured in the picture with AF Corse, Cetilar Racing, Iron Lynx, Rinaldi Racing and Inception racing all on parade.

The FIA WEC Monza event programme is available for digital download.