Farewell Pescarolo Team, Paying Tribute To France’s Fallen Flag Carriers



  1. Alan says:

    I was privileged to work for Henri’s team at le Mans in 2008. He is without doubt one of the most decent and straightforward men it has been my pleasure to know. The sport is the poorer without him.

  2. John says:

    We walked into the Circuit Bar (Au Porte dU Circuit) on the Thursday of RACE week in 03or 04. Henri and his wife had arranged buffet lunch for the team as he did every year. He asked us to join them. He remembered talking to us in the pits at Silverstone in the 80’s ! He didn’t have to do or say anything, he just did. End of an era, great shame, always about money and sponsorship.

    • Graham Goodwin says:

      Lovely stuff – Have seen comments elsewhere that Henri was in some way arrogant or miserable – That’s a million miles away from my experiences of him


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