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WR’s Garage 56 Prototype Unlikely To Race In 2017

Lack of funding may stall WR's biomethane prototype plans

WR’s team engineer Thibaut Dejardin has admitted to DSC that the probability of seeing its Garage 56 biomethane prototype on track for the next 24 Hours of Le Mans is very slim.

“Our engine has not run yet,” he told DSC’s Mat Fernandez. “It’s not a technical issue that’s holding us back but funding. We need to find a total budget of four to five million euros for this project, and we haven’t yet reached that objective. The chassis, the gearbox, the front and rear axles are ready.”

The car, which was slated to make its first on-track appearance back in September, may still race at Le Mans in coming years though.

“We exhibited the car at the Mondial de l’Automobile in Paris last month. People are interested, but funding is still lacking.

“If we can’t do it next year – which seems more and more likely – we will keep on pushing and try to make it onto the track for 2018 or 2019.”