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Happy 5th Anniversary To The Marshall Pruett Podcast

Home to #TWISC, #TWIIC and a whole lot more

Today marks the fifth anniversary of the Marshall Pruett Podcast, an enterprise established by my friend and colleague which continues to grow in popularity and global reach, an outlet which I am honoured and still energised to have been a weekly part of since 2018.

In almost 1100 episodes since May 2016 (an average of an episode every two days or so!), Marshall and his co-contributors and guests have chronicled his personal and professional passions in motorsport, its news, its history, its legends and personalities, and, pretty uniquely, its sounds too.

Whether it’s the Week in Sportscars or its even longer established IndyCar stablemate, the podcast has redefined listener interaction in a widely admired and now widely duplicated format of shaping the shows through responding to listener questions.

If you haven’t caught up with the breadth of the archive on offer then check this out >>  have a browse, download a few and treat yourself (and then download a whole lot more!).

For now Happy Anniversary to my brother in podcasting, here’s to five more, and plenty after that!